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Custom Ribbon Trimmed Tutu Set w/ Accent Shirt
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  • Satin Reversible Bonnet

    Why a satin hair bonnet?

    A satin hair bonnet is the perfect hair accessory to add to your nighttime haircare regimen! The purpose of a satin hair bonnet is to protect your hair from the harsh surface that cotton pillows/sheets provide. The friction between your hair & cotton leads to dry, brittle hair. Also, it causes frizziness & split ends. By wearing a satin hair bonnet at night, you’re keeping the moisture you’ve put into your hair lock in those strands! On top of maximum hair protection, it’ll protect your hairstyles= quicker mornings & who doesn’t love that! You can finally ditch the bed hair! 

    Who should wear a satin hair bonnet?

    Anyone looking to protect their hair & prevent dryness, brittle strands, frizz, tangles & split ends!

    Bonnets are handmade and made to order!  

  • Detachable Ruffle Anklets

    Detachable ruffled anklets are made to order. This listing is for detachable ruffle anklets only NO SOCKS! Have an idea of different colors, feel free to contact us so that we can discuss the colors you would like and we can create your custom ruffle anklets. The ruffle anklets are made with either satin or grossgrain ribbon depending on the availability of the chosen color.