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A'Myrah's Hairbowtopia

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus Reversible Satin Bonnet

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A satin hair bonnet is the perfect hair accessory to add to your nighttime haircare regimen! The purpose of a satin hair bonnet is to protect your hair from the harsh surface that cotton pillows/sheets provide. The friction between your hair & cotton leads to dry, brittle hair. Also, it causes frizziness & split ends. By wearing a satin hair bonnet at night, you’re keeping the moisture you’ve put into your hair lock in those strands! On top of maximum hair protection, it’ll protect your hairstyles= quicker mornings & who doesn’t love that! You can finally ditch the bed hair! 

Who should wear a satin hair bonnet?

Anyone looking to protect their hair & prevent dryness, brittle strands, frizz, tangles & split ends!

Bonnets are handmade and ready to ship!!