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Correctional Nurse Badge Reel with Alligator Clip

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Stay professional and stylish with our Correctional Nurse Badge Reel, designed specifically for correctional healthcare professionals. This durable and functional badge holder ensures your ID is always accessible and secure.

Key Features:

• High-Quality Construction: Built to withstand the rigorous demands of correctional environments.
• Professional Design: Sleek and discreet design tailored for correctional nurses.
• Alligator Clip: Secure and reliable attachment to your uniform, belt, or lanyard.
• Retractable Cord: Extends up to 24 inches for easy ID scanning and swiping.
• Perfect Gift: Ideal for correctional nurses, healthcare staff, and medical professionals.


• Durability: Crafted to last through countless shifts in challenging settings.
• Convenience: Keep your ID readily accessible without sacrificing style or security.
• Professionalism: Maintain a polished appearance with a badge reel that reflects your dedication to correctional healthcare.

Upgrade your work gear with our Correctional Nurse Badge Reel and enjoy a perfect blend of functionality and style. Order now and take the first step towards a more organized and professional workday!